I love worksheets! create the perfect worksheet in 4 simple steps

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I love worksheets! From paper to the most advanced teaching resource

If you know me or Wizer, you can probably tell I simply love worksheets! This is why I have created Wizer. To allow teachers to create awesome worksheets that are visually stunning, engaging with student voice and choice. Wizer instantly transforms worksheets into advanced, engaging, technological teaching resources.

Wizer Weekly

I am often asked, “Why Worksheets?”. Well, being a teacher the answer is clear – worksheets are the common language of teachers around the world, they allow us to express our creativity, and promote high-level thinking by our students.

However, paper worksheets are also a “one size fits all” tool, and can not easily be adapted to the individual needs of each student. Using a single worksheet it is extremely hard to keep an entire classroom engaged, and creating dedicated worksheets for each and every student is simply impractical.

With Wizer paper worksheets are transformed into advanced teaching resources in four simple steps –

  1. Starting from a paper worksheet, I first quickly create a similar looking digital version. Wizer will immediately start working for me, saving time with automatic checking and grading. Wizer will also start recording student answers allowing me to understand how suitable my worksheet is to my class, or which students find it harder to solve.
  2. Next, I supercharge my worksheet with rich multimedia, voice and video instructions and an appealing theme, to make it fun and engaging.
  3. As a third step, I add personalization rules to my worksheet. This allows my worksheet to automatically adapt itself to the individual needs of each student based on their Learner Profile.
  4. Finally, I am sharing my worksheet with the community in order to increase my impact, and allow other community members to reuse my work.

The end result is a super worksheet – engaging, interactive, adaptable and impactful. Still, it is my worksheet:)

All of my worksheets are available here. Help me spread the word by sharing it!

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