Freebies and Extras for easy Hybrid Back to School

Hello teachers!
I want to give you a big hug and say THANK YOU! β€‹β€‹

We are so proud of our creative, innovative, brave community of teachers that together reinvented over 1M worksheets! And that even in these challenging times you continue to create more for your students.  

In this newsletter, I’m introducing new features and freebies to take the hassle out of hybrid teaching so you can unleash your creativity and have fun! β€‹


After we made Differentiation of Instruction automated and hassle-free, we turned to do the same for you with Hybrid teaching. After all, hybrid doesn’t have to mean you need to spend more time if you do it right; we will show you how.​


Start by uploading an image or PDF worksheet and digitize your whole paper worksheet in less than a minute. See how: β€‹


Save time with free access to +1M teacher created inspiring worksheets (and counting!). Just type the subject and customize the worksheet to your needs.  Also join the conversation at our new Facebook group: Wizer Teachers Community where you can meet other teachers, share your amazing worksheets, find some inspiration, and learn how to make the best of our platform!​


Connect with your students with Learner Profile* – Ask your students to fill on the learner profile, get to know their preferences, and assign different worksheets for each student automatically.

Did you know? Wizer was featured at Edutopia by Vicki Davis for Differentiated Teaching – What an honor! 

“Having the ability to customize a formative assessment based on a student’s learner profile without that being obvious to all students makes differentiation easier. In my opinion, only one tool does this. Because it is deceptively simple, it’s easy to not understand the complexity of this tool. Wizer is a Swiss Army knife for teaching.”  


NEW! Connect even more with your student work. With Realtime* you can now follow your students’ progress before they submit the worksheet to provide immediate feedback and even submit it on their behalf. 

*Both Learner Profile and Real-time are Premium features​


Have fun with stunning new design themes:​​

I can’t wait to see what you can make from it!

Let me know what you need this back to the school year and how we can help you go hybrid. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for joining Wizer and more importantly for being awesome!


Nira Mayorchik

Founder & CEO