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Have you ever wondered how many students your worksheet reached? With just one worksheet Maree Timms broke the record and reached 13,000 students! WOW!

Keep reading to learn how you can reach the same impact! 

Research shows the average teacher affects roughly 3,000 students during her or his career.

But how many students do you (really!) want to Impact during your career? 10,000, 100,000, 1M?

When Wizer was used by 300,000 students, I suddenly realized that I created something that impacted 300,000 students around the globe!!! 

Just trying to grasp the number makes you dizzy. An average classroom has 30 students, teaching 4 classrooms a year – it would have taken 2500 years to reach so many students…. I was completely blown away! 

Isn’t impact why we all became teachers in the first place? 

Today, I’m super excited to introduce you to your Wizer Impact Score. 

The Impact Score is the sum of all the students that you reached with your worksheets. Globally. Yep:)

Do you want to know how many students you impacted?

Your Impact Score is available on your public profile page. It is visible to your community as a badge of honor, and it allows us to appreciate one another’s work. 

To increase your impact score create many worksheets and share them on the public gallery and at social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook. 

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Stay tuned we are constantly adding neat features to the Awesome Plan to make your Wizer Worksheet even better!

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Thank you for joining Wizer and being part of our community!

Nira Mayorchik
Founder & CEO

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